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The Principles of Peace & Acceptance

by Cometan

by Cometan



The Hendecadoxy is a short philosophical disquisition fulfilling the eleventh of twelve disquisition which culminate as one to form The Omnidoxy. The Hendecadoxy is primarily concerned with detailing the Astronic understanding of the nature of peace and acceptance and as a disquisition, is assigned the inclusive discipline of quillitology which encompasses both the study of peace and the study of acceptance. 

Provided with the appellation of The Penultimation by Cometan due to it being the second to last disquisition of The Omnidoxy, The Hendecadoxy is preceded by The Decadoxy and followed only by The Dodecadoxy. The study and contemplation of the notions/concepts of peace and acceptance was not officially categorised as a discipline prior to the writing of The Hendecadoxy with the study of the altering nature, applicability, and diversity of both peace and acceptance considered to be an important area to philosophically discuss and contemplate.

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